Boom Lift Type 3 Group B Safety Fundamentals Instructor Kit


The kit contains:

Boom Lift Type 3 Group B Safety Fundamentals Spiral- contains instructor guide and instructor tips

Thumb Drive- contains powerpoint presentation, forms, and regulations

*In order to comply with CTS training standards, each trainee must have their own study guide.  All material is protected by copyright law and may not be copied or reproduced.



Boom Lift training complies with training requirements established by The Occupational Safety & Health Act, Subpart L, Section 1926 Scaffolds, Subpart F, Section 1910 Powered Platforms, Man lifts and Vehicle-Mounted Work Platforms, and ANSI A92.22 and/or A92.24

Course content:

  1. Operator Training Objectives
  2. Occupant Training
  3. Regulations and Standards
  4. Types of MEWPs
  5. Choosing the Right Equipment
  6. Power Sources
  7. Required Features
  8. Safety Features
  9. Basic Components and Controls
  10. Inspections
  11. Operator Factors
  12. Environmental Hazards
  13. Stability and Capacity Characteristics
  14. Stability-Enhancing Devices
  15. Attachments
  16. Hazardous Locations
  17. Fire Awareness
  18. Working Around People and Equipment
  19. Improper Use
  20. Load Capacity
  21. Platform Limitations
  22. Unusual Support Conditions
  23. Injuries/Death by Hazard Type
  24. Steering Wheels and Axles
  25. Safe Travel Speed
  26. Driving Requirements
  27. Slope and Grade
  28. Entangled/Snagged Platform
  29. Power Lines
  30. Parking and Shutdown
  31. Battery/Fueling
  32. Fall Protection Overview
  33. Written Exam
  34. Boom Lift 80ft-185ft with Extendable Axles (if applicable an additional operator manual test will be required)

Boom Lift Hands-on and Evaluation

  1. Complete Body Harness and Lanyard Inspection Form
  2. Complete Pre-use Inspection
  3. Evaluate trainee on a work-related course


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