CTS offers OSHA compliant Train-the-Trainer kits and study guides, giving you everything you need to easily create your own in-house training program.  Our kits are trainer friendly, making the classes easy to teach for both seasoned instructors and those just starting out.  This also helps create a standardization in training throughout any organization.

Have your own training company and looking to expand your curriculum?  CTS can “brand” our material with your logo and colors, delivering a program you can use with your own clients.

Each kit contains:

  • A thumb drive with the training PowerPoint and all relevant forms, standards, manuals and handouts.
  • A spiral that gives you:
    • A trainer breakdown of the PowerPoint.  This will take the trainer through each slide, highlighting talking points, key concepts and what should be covered with the class.  The trainee study guide content is also included so the trainer will know what the student is looking at as well.
    • A practical hands-on evaluation section will walk the trainer through the evaluation form, showing how to score and what to look for while doing the evaluation.
    • A trainer tips section gives helpful hints how to set up and conduct a class.