Fall Protection Safety Instructor Kit


The kit contains:

Fall Protection Spiral- contains instructor tips, instructor guide and a practical hands on evaluation guideline

Thumb Drive- contains PowerPoint presentation, forms and regulations

*In order to comply with CTS training standards, each trainee must have their own study guide.  All material is protected by copyright law and may not be copied or reproduced.


Fall Protection training complies with training requirements established by The Occupational Safety & Health Act, including OSHA General Duty Clause, 1926 Subpart M for Construction, 1910.66 App C & 1910.23 for General Industry, 30 CFR 56/57 for MSHA and Z 359 for ANSI.

Class duration 4-5 hours

Topics Presented in class

  1. Regulations and Standards
  2. Most frequently cited violations
  3. Preparing to prevent falls
  4. Hazard identification
  5. Preventing and controlling falls
  6. Guardrail systems
  7. Safety-net system
  8. Warning-line system
  9. Safety Monitoring system
  10. Catch platforms
  11. Personal Fall-arrest systems (anchorage, connectors, full-body harness, lanyards, self-retracting devices.
  12. Protecting workers from falling objects
  13. Inspecting equipment, cleaning and storing equipment
  14. Developing an emergency response plan
  15. Written Exam

Fall Protection Hands-on and Evaluation

  1. Donning and Doffing a full-body harness
  2. Inspecting equipment

Scaffold training complies with training requirements established by The Occupational Safety & Health Act, Subpart L 1926.503(A)(1) through(5), (B)(1) through(4) and (C)(1) through(3)

Class Duration 4-5 hours

Topics Presented in class

  1. Introduction to Scaffolding
  2. Guardrails
  3. Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS)
  4. Overhead Power Lines
  5. Scaffold Construction
  6. Platform Construction
  7. Proper Access
  8. Suspension Scaffolds
  9. Moving Scaffolds
  10. Safely Using Scaffolds
  11. Supported Scaffold Components, Capacities, and Loading
  12. Erecting and Dismantling Systems-Based Scaffolding
  13. Erecting and Dismantling Tube and Coupler Scaffold Systems
  14. Erecting and Dismantling Frame Scaffold Systems
  15. Erecting and Using Suspended Scaffold Systems
  16. Written Exam



Hands-on and Evaluation

  1. Erect a frame scaffold system
  2. Inspect frame scaffold system

Dismantle frame scaffold system

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