Combo Forklift Instructor Kit V2.5


The kit includes:

Forklift Spiral-contains instructor guides for combined forklift training, rough terrain forklift training, counterbalance forklift training and refresher training.  It also includes a practical hands on evaluation guideline.

Thumb Drive- contains powerpoint presentations, forms, instructor tips, standards and references.

*In order to comply with CTS training standards, each trainee must have their own study guide.  All material is protected by copyright law and may not be copied or reproduced.


Combined Forklift training complies with training requirements established by The Occupational Safety & Health Act, Subpart N, Section 1910 Material Handling and Storage and Subpart W, Section 1926 Roll Over Protection Structures and Overhead Guards. Combined Forklift training will cover all applicable SAE standards and how to protect workers from several hazards associated with operating and maintaining these machines.

Topics Presented in Class:

  1. Operator Factors
  2. Regulations and Standards
  3. Forklift Types
  4. Choosing a Forklift
  5. Power Sources
  6. Parts of a Forklift
  7. Free Lift
  8. Controls
  9. Pre-Use Inspection
  10. Danger, Warning & Caution Labels
  11. Warning & Safety Devices
  12. Lever Principle
  13. Center of Gravity
  14. Stability Triangle
  15. Lateral Stability
  16. Load Composition
  17. Data Plates & Capacity Charts
  18. Indicators
  19. Fork Adjustment
  20. Attachments
  21. Automobile vs. Forklift
  22. Visibility
  23. Steering & Steering Modes
  24. Engaging a Load
  25. Loading Practices
    1. Reach Forklift
    2. Vertical Mast Forklift
  26. Slope & Grade
  27. Hazardous Areas
  28. Energized Power Lines
  29. Pedestrians
  30. Dock Plates
  31. Trailers
  32. Care with Batteries
  33. Battery Charging Area
  34. Refueling
  35. Parking & Shutdown
  36. Written Exam

Combined Forklift Hands-on and Evaluation

  1. Complete Pre-Use Inspections (both Rough Terrain Forklift and Counterbalance Forklift)
  2. Evaluate trainee on both a Rough Terrain Forklift and Counterbalance Forklift on a work-related course

Review evaluations with trainee

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