Qualified Rigger/Signal Person Instructor Kit


The kit contains:

Rigger/Signal Person Spiral- contains instructor guide and instructor tips

Thumb Drive- contains PowerPoint presentation, forms, and regulations

*In order to comply with CTS training standards, each trainee must have their own study guide.  All material is protected by copyright law and may not be copied or reproduced.


Qualified Rigger/Signal Person training complies with training requirements established by The Occupational Safety & Health Act, Subpart H, Section 1926 Materials Handling and Subpart CC Section 1926 Cranes and Derricks in Construction.

Topics Presented in Class:

  1. Definitions
  2. Hand Signals
  3. Rigging Plan
    1. Weight
    2. Capacities
    3. Retaining Control
  4. Hitches
    1. Straight/Vertical
    2. Basket
    3. Chocker
    4. Double Wrap Chocker
    5. Double Wrap Basket
    6. Inverted Basket
  5. Load Share
  6. Center of Gravity
  7. Practice Rigging Plan
  8. Common Sling Materials – Components and Inspections
    1. Wire Rope
    2. Synthetic Flat (Web)
    3. Synthetic Round
    4. Chain
  9. Rigging Hardware and Inspections
    1. Hooks
    2. Shackles
    3. Wedge Sockets
    4. Wire Rope Clips
    5. Eye Bolts
  10. Cranes
  11. Environmental Hazards
  12. Power Lines
  13. General Rigging Safety and Review
  14. Written Exam

Qualified Rigger/Signal Person Hands-on and Evaluation

  1. Rigger/Signal Person Evaluation
    1. Evaluate trainee on rigging inspections, rigging techniques, and hand signals

Review evaluation with trainee

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