MEWP Supervisor Instructor Kit


The kit contains:

MEWP Supervisor Spiral- contains instructor tips, instructor guide, and a practical hands-on evaluation guideline

Thumb Drive- contains PowerPoint presentation, forms, and regulations

*In order to comply with CTS training standards, each trainee must have their own study guide.  All material is protected by copyright law and may not be copied or reproduced.


MEWP Supervisor training complies with the training requirements established by the American National Standard Institute, A92.22, and A92.24.

Topics Presented in Class:

  1. Supervisor Training Objectives
  2. Regulations and Standards
  3. Definitions Used by ANSI
  4. Definitions Used by ANSI
  5. Definitions Used by ANSI
  6. Safe Use Planning
  7. Risk Assessment
  8. Rescue From Heights
  9. Rescue Plans
  10. Rescue Plan General Factors
  11. Factors When Selecting a MEWP
  12. Choosing the Right MEWP Boom Lift
  13. Choosing the Right MEWP Scissor Lift
  14. Power Source
  15. MEWP Manuals
  16. MEWP Group and Type
  17. Type 1 MEWPs
  18. Type 2 MEWPs
  19. Type 3 MEWPs
  21. Overturning
  22. Collision
  23. Controlling the Risk
    1. Confined Overhead Working
    2. Ground Conditions
    3. Outriggers
    4. Guardrails
    5. Arresting Falls
    6. Weather
    7. Nearby Hazards
  24. Written Exam


MEWP Supervisor Risk Assessment


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